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Fast-track your career with CFS...As a Chicago Section IFT member, obtaining the CFS credential is a great way for you to demonstrate your professional commitment to lifelong learning and excellence as a food professional. If you’re a current food industry professional with a either a food science or a basic science degree, the CFS credential provides the perfect complement to your work experience and helps differentiate you from other job candidates. Attaining the CFS demonstrates to your employer a clear understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of food science and the real-world skills needed for a successful career.

Current events that qualified for CFS
CSIFT Events Qualify for IFT Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Recertification Contact Hours (CH)
IFT Certified Food Scientist Contact Hours

Qualify for 1.5 contact hours (CH) for each dinner meeting you attend and for 2 contact hours (CH) for each technical session you attend. Below are the upcoming events for contact hours.

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Professional Development Events

October 30, 2014 Technical Session
March 9, 2015 Technical Session
Food-U-Mentary - The Garden
October 22, 2015 Technical Session
Regulatory Reflexes
April 21, 2016 Technical Session
The Clean Label Movement
October 13, 2017 Technical Session
From the Food Science lab to the Cafeteria and Beyond
April 5, 2018 Technical Session
Next Level Recall Readiness: Managing Risk, Regulation and Outrage (in the Twitterverse)
May 16, 2018 Technical Session
Corporate Social Responsibility: The Key to Driving Relevant Brands
May 22, 2018 Technical Session
Fresh & Less Processed: High Pressure Processing
August 29, 2018 Technical Session
Rapid Innovation In The Food Industry
October 16, 2018 Technical Breakfast
Breakfast with Imbibe: Experts Weigh In On Sugar Reduction
May 24, 2019 Technical Breakfast
Repurposing Waste Streams into Sustainable Food Ingredients
Membership Events

October 11, 2018 Membership Event
Let There Be Chocolate!
February 27, 2019 Membership Event
Fibre for Life and Sushi Workshop
Suppliers' Night 2015 Seminars

10:00-11:30 AM: "The Preventive Controls Showcase
11:30-12:30 PM: "New Consumer Drivers, Demand, and Directions for Growth"
Suppliers' Night 2016 Seminars

9:00 – 10:15 AM: Insights from Food Entrepreneurs

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM: FutureFood: Today's Innovation, Tomorrow's Dinner
Suppliers' Night 2017 Seminars

November 1, 2017
9:00 - 10:00 AM: Consumer Panel: What Does Clean Label Mean?
10:05 - 10:45 AM: What do the New Food Labels Mean to Dairy?
10:50 - 11:30 AM: Clean Label - Why This Trend is Important Now
11:35 - 12:30 PM: Today's Consumers - Tomorrow's Labels
Dinner Meetings

September 8, 2014 Dinner Meeting
The World of Vitamins
December 8, 2014 Dinner Meeting
What’s Cooking in Food and Beverage Litigation, and Tips For Staying Out of the Stew.
January 12, 2015 Dinner Meeting
Chocolate & Cocoa 101
March 9, 2015 Dinner Meeting
An Unprecedented Look at How Consumers Feel About Sweeteners and Why
April 20, 2015 Dinner Meeting
Joint Meeting with AACT - The Power is in the Connection
May 18, 2015 Dinner Meeting
53rd Annual Tanner Lecture - Advances in Encapsulation Research for Extending the Shelf-life of Oxidizable Food Ingredients
September 21, 2015 Dinner Meeting
Being Proud of Food Science: A Chicago Story
February 15, 2016 Dinner Meeting
Keys to Sustainable Agriculture Practices: Innovation & Diversity
March 7, 2016 Dinner Meeting
Chicago Pizza discussion hosted by Charlie Baggs
April 11, 2016 Dinner Meeting
From Bagels to Beets – A Sports Nutritionist’s Journey to Real Food and Personalized Performance Nutrition.
May 9, 2016 Dinner Meeting
The SENSOMICS approach: A useful tool to unravel the genuine aroma blueprint of foods and to elucidate the generation of key odorants during food processing
September 12, 2016 Dinner Meeting
A Defense of Food Science - considering some advantages of our modern food system
October 17, 2016 Dinner Meeting
Food Safety Challenges in the Emerging Cannabis Products Market
January 17, 2017 Dinner Meeting
Food Defense: Threat and Response
February 13, 2017 Dinner Meeting
To Modify or not to Modify (Genetically)
April 10, 2017 Dinner Meeting
The Meaty Side of Mushrooms
May 8, 2017 Dinner Meeting
Tanner Lecture
December 5, 2017 Dinner Meeting
The Science of Food - What will the next 75 years look like and how can we positively impact the future
February 12, 2018 Dinner Meeting
A Evening with Next Gen Sequencing, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love WGS
March 12, 2018 Dinner Meeting
Trends to Inspire and Flavors to Remember
April 9, 2018 Dinner Meeting
Scaling Flavor
May 14, 2018 Dinner Meeting
FSMA: Implementation and Impact on Global food Industry and role of FSPCA in Preventive Controls Education and Outreach
September 10, 2018 Dinner Meeting
Panel: The Path to Supply Chain Risk Management
December 10, 2018 Dinner Meeting
Panel: Food Packaging and Labeling: Crucial, Controversial, and Changing
January 14, 2019 Dinner Meeting
Tales From The Trenches- Filth and Adulteration in the Food Supply and How to Prevent it
February 11, 2019 Dinner Meeting
Plant Based Protein from Grains, Seeds, and Pulses: Trends and Applications
March 11, 2019 Dinner Meeting
Cross functional ways of working/communication methods, adapting to change, taking direction, workplace trends, etc.
April 8, 2019 Dinner Meeting
How to Use Strategic Thinking to Navigate 2019 Consumer, Beverage, Food & Flavor Trends

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