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The Chicago Section IFT Professional Development Committee is broken up into 2 sub-groups 1) Technical Sessions Team – members the PD committee who are part of the technical sessions team are responsible for organizing educational sessions that provide targeted content valuable for professionals in the food industry. 2) Career Guidance Team – this team organizes events that offer professional development opportunities that every business professional can learn from, not necessarily specific to food science.
If you are interested in joining our team to help plan and execute fun educational sessions please e-mail Elieke Demmer, we would love to have you!
Elieke Demmer PhD, RD
Chair, Professional Development Committee
National Dairy Council, Dairy Management Inc.
Phone: (847) 627-3232

Professional Development Activities
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Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions provide content that is valuable and targeted specifically towards professionals in the food industry. Sessions generally run 2-3 hours and focus on a specific topic that is technical in nature.

August 2018 Event:
Rapid Innovation In The Food Industry
Come learn about tools for how rapid innovation can be used in the food industry. Lauren Shimek is a food business innovation expert from California who coming to Chicago to share her Design Thinking tips and insights with the Chicago Section IFT at this Professional Development event. Concluding her presentation on Design Thinking, Lauren will moderate a panel of Chicago based food companies who all use rapid innovation in their own unique ways.
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Career Guidance & Education

Chicago Section IFT also offers professional development opportunities not specific to food science but that every business professional can learn from.

May 2018 Event:
Corporate Social Responsibility: The Key to Driving Relevant Brands

Corporate Social Responsibility used to be seen as a separate group of activities and promises that companies made to their customers, and to improve the world around them. But, as CSR has evolved, it has come to be the heart and soul of companies, as well the set of factors that make their brand and company cultures differentiated and relevant. Join us for cocktails and appetizers to hear a panel of experts discuss trends in CSR, how CSR is brought to life within companies (both big and small) today, and walk through an exercise that helps to clarify your CSR statement and give it life.

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