The Chicago Section IFT provides up to $3,000 of Award funds for unemployed individuals who are seeking employment in the food industry. The award can be used to cover expenses from attending the Annual IFT Meeting and Expo, or it can be used to cover expenses from training workshops, short courses, etc. Applicants must be unemployed, seeking employment in the food industry, and members of the Chicago Section IFT, residing within the Section’s zip code boundaries. The maximum amount an individual can be awarded is $1,000. The application process occurs in spring.

This award offers an excellent networking opportunity for unemployed members to attend a Food Science-related course that may assist in obtaining employment. As well, the applicant can utilize the award money to attend an IFT Short Course or the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo!!

The Strietelmeier Award Program was established in memory of David M. Strietelmeier, who was a lifelong and active member of IFT. He served on several Chicago Section and National committees. David’s goal was to assist professional members in obtaining networking opportunities and educational opportunities that would help them achieve gainful employment. For this reason, the Chicago Section IFT chose to honor the memory of David Strietelmeier by bestowing this annual award upon members of the Chicago Section IFT in need of career assistance.

Since 2008, CSIFT has provided over $20,000 to support the professional development of unemployed section members.

Description of Award Program

A unique program of financial support for an Educational Course or IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo attendance for Chicago Section IFT unemployed members.

Deadline for applications is May 29, 2020 for attendance at a 2020 Food Science Course, or at the 2020 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo and Educational Courses.

A Chicago Section IFT Awards committee will coordinate the award program and review award applications. The Awards Committee will award up to three $1,000 awards.

Description of Education Program Requested

Award can be used to pay conference costs and related expenses (travel, hotel, etc) up to $1000.

Payment Plan

Requests for prepayment directly to the conference will be considered on an individual basis by the Awards Committee.

Qualifications for Award

Funding will be awarded for attendance at a Food Science-related course, a Workshop or Short Courses at the 2020 Annual IFT Meeting & Food Expo. Applicants should be unemployed members of Chicago Section IFT. Students and retired Emeritus members are not eligible.

Applicants must be members of Chicago Section of IFT who are currently residing in the Chicago Section zip code boundaries only. (Zip codes eligible, first 3 digits: 600-619, 623, 625-627, 463 and 464).

Applicant agrees to submit a minimum of a 100 word summary of program, upon completion, a copy of course certification or other appropriate documentation as evidence of attendance.

One award per applicant per year.

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Questions? Contact or call 630-916-4960
Subject Line of email: CSIFT Strietelmeier Award


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