The purpose of the Chair’s Achievement Award is to recognize an outstanding achievement in Food Science by honoring the person or persons responsible. It is offered every other year. It is open to Chicago Section Members only. The winners will be announced in April. Winners are recognized at the May Dinner Meeting.
The award consists of a $250 honorarium, an inscribed plaque, and expenses of the awardee to the meeting at which the award is presented.

1975  Arnold W. Johnson

1979  Arthur J.Siedler

1986  William A. Golomski

1988  John W. Erdman

1992  George Inglett

1994  Lou Bianco

1996  Norman Singer

1998  George Muck

2000  James R. Schultz

2002  Charles Sizer

2004  Hans Blaschek

2006  Barbara Klein

2008  Vijay Arora

2010  Shelly J. Schmidt

2012  Richard Mateles

2014  Robert F. Boutin

2016  Gary List

2018  John Budin

2020  John Ruff

If you know of a Chicago Section Member who has outstanding accomplishments in Food Science please use the link below to nominate them.

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  1. Your name, phone, email
  2. Candidate’s Name, Address, Telephone, Email
  3. Education: University, Degree, and Year Achieved
  4. Professional Affiliations
  5. Career data described in reverse chronology
  6. Honors received for professional work
  7. Justification: Describe reasons why the nominee should receive the award

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