Other Scholarships

CSIFT is also proud to also support ad hoc requests to support various activities related to student development. As of 2016, CSIFT has contributed almost $8,000 to these various activities including:

1995 University of Illinois (UI) College Bowl Team travel support

2008 IFTSA Midwest Area Meeting sponsorship

2009 Emerging Technologies in Processing Symposium

2013 IFTSA Midwest Area Meeting sponsorship
          Midwest Dairy Products Judging Contest

2014 UI FSHNGSA Food Science Symposium
          UI FSHNGSA Food Science Symposium

2015 Midwest Dairy Products Judging Contest
          UI FSHNGSA Food Science Symposium

2016 IFTSA Midwest Area Meeting sponsorship
          UI FSHNGSA Food Science Symposium


New Professionals

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