The Jonathon Baldwin Turner (JBT) Scholarship is the premier scholarship program of the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES). For over 30 years, scholarships have been awarded to outstanding incoming freshman on the basis of leadership, good citizenship, and scholarly achievement. Applicants must meet minimum academic requirements and then participate in a scholarship interview. JBT scholarship recipients may be awarded up to $10,000 over four years.

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The Chicago Section IFT Jonathon Baldwin Turner Scholarship is designated for a student studying food science. CSIFT currently contributes $8000/year to this scholarship and the contribution is enhanced by $2000 from the College of ACES. CSIFT began its support of this scholarship in 1987 with a $1000 donation. Since support began, CSIFT has provided continuous annual support and contributed over $114,000 to this Scholarship Fund. Over this time, 30 JBT awardees have benefitted from CSIFT support.

JBT Awards 2016 recipient Rossy Tejeda with Mike Wanous (CSIFT)


In 2016, Rossy Tejeda, a freshmen food science major, received the CSIFT-sponsored JBT Scholarship. Below is the complete list of recipients. For more information on the Scholarship, open the “Background and Information” tab.


Recipient Name  |  Freshman Year

Peng Chen  |  1987

Dannette R. Pittenger  |  1988

Rita Sharma  |  1989

Carrie L. Bernaski  |  1990

Lebecca A. Gills  |  1991

Mindy J. Edidin  |  1992

Lynda Barrios  |  1993

Chris J. Meier  |  1994

Amanda L. Carlson  |  1995

Andrew G. Moltz  |  1997

Lia Andrae  |  1998

Landon C. Terry  |  1999

Rachel Langer  |  2000

Robin Burke  |  2001

Erin Redding  |  2002

Recipient Name  |  Freshman Year

Marquita Johnson  |  2003

Leslie Selcke  |  2004

Michelle Moy  |  2005

Maxine Roman  |  2006

David Bloom  |  2007

Kathleen Harsh  |  2008

Stephanie Andler  |  2009

Amanda Rosendale  |  2010

Karen Chen  |  2011

Carly Rosenberg  |  2012

Samantha Larocca  |  2013

Janique Tyler  |  2013

Naomi Mitts  |  2014

Lindsey Kelso  |  2015

Rossy Tejeda  |  2016


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