CSIFT Funding History Overview

Between 1987 and 2016, CSIFT contributed almost $538,000 to Scholarships and Awards supporting food science education, growth, and development in 3 key areas. These include undergraduate and graduate student scholarships and teaching assistantships, program support enabling high school students to gain exposure to food science education, and growth and development opportunities for both students and Section members.

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing membership benefits and student engagement, the Chicago Section IFT (CSIFT) has created the Chicagoland Food Science Foundation (CFSF). CFSF is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization to raise funds for and award scholarships to students intending to work in the food industry. Most CSIFT scholarships will be awarded under the new CFS Foundation beginning in 2017.

CSIFT’s historical support for all programs is documented below and more information on each program can be found on the link for that specific program.

Funding History


New Professionals

Company Page

Group page

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