Professional Development Committee

Grow Professionally

The Chicago Section IFT Professional Development Committee organizes two types of events throughout the year; Technical Events, which provide targeted content valuable for professionals in the food industry and General Career Guidance Events that offer professional development opportunities that every business professional can learn from, not necessarily specific to food science. We have monthly update calls that last about 30min for our team to connect, regroup, and divide up work.

Professional Development Activities

Career Center

Members of Chicago Section IFT have access to our online Career Center where you can Find a Job and Post a Job.

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions provide content that is valuable and targeted specifically towards professionals in the food industry. Sessions generally run 2-3 hours and focus on a specific topic that is technical in nature.

Career Guidance & Education

Chicago Section IFT also offers professional development opportunities not specific to food science but that every business professional can learn from.

Section Sponsors

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