October 15, 2020 Virtual Happy Hour & Mixology Presentation

Schedule: 6:00 PM – Live Speaker Presentation

Location: Zoom Meeting

This program qualifies for IFT Certified Food Scientist (CFS) recertification contact hours (CH). CFS Certificants may claim a maximum of 1.0 CH for their participation in this program.

Registration includes 1 kit for approximately 4 drinks, delivery, and tax.

$15.00: BYOB – no delivery needed, but attending to learn how to mix the drinks and to attend the networking session following the session.
$35.00: Choose a Mocktail – Strawberry Fields
$55.00: Choose one of the 3 drinks shown above

Thirsty Thursday Presents
Sourced: Craft Cocktails at Your Door​

Come support local bartenders in the Chicagoland area while sipping from the comfort of your living room on fresh cocktails.

The evening will consist of fresh cocktail ingredients (enough for 4 drinks) delivered to your door prior to a guided and interactive video call on how to mix the drinks, Q&A about mixology followed by a networking time to connect with others in the Chicagoland food science industry.

The presentation includes an educational course where the mixologist will review the distilling process of the spirit, the history behind the cocktail, fun cocktail trivia, cocktail trilogy (how to make a balanced cocktail), and Q&A.

“We are honored to be of service in delivering high-quality batched cocktails directly to your door. By purchasing one of our craft cocktails, you are directly supporting two groups in this time of need:

  1. Your local bartenders who are earning a livable wage to safely deliver your flawless cocktails
  2. Our local off premise retail partners that are offering the spirits in your package.”

Starry Night

Salted Dove

Blues Brothers

How has Sourced used their success to bring goodness to the world?

Our community is the hospitality industry. When COVID-19 hit, a massive channel of employment, the on premise which is commonly known as bars, literally shut down leaving millions of hard working, talented people out of work.

We contract with out of work bartenders to make our craft cocktail kit deliveries paying them a livable wage, all gratuity, and travel reimbursements in order to keep a roof over their heads in this difficult time period.

We’re blessed and proud to have paid over $300,000 in wages earned DIRECTLY into the pockets of bartenders across the country in the last 4 months.

Cocktail and Mocktail Important Notes

Your registration confirmation will include a link and discount code to order your cocktail or mocktail.

1) Please only choose delivery 4pm-7pm. We will only deliver cocktail kits for virtual happy hour the day of the virtual event. We will make the delivery between 11am-3pm CST on October 15th so make sure to be near your phone as bartenders will call/text when they are 30 minutes away. This will help ensure that all guests get their kits prior to the happy hour.

2) Please note as you add the cocktail kits to the cart, you will need to enter in a zip code to get past this step. If you fall outside of the delivery zone – you will receive a message stating that ‘sorry delivery is not available in your area’. Remember – that’s okay! We will accommodate orders outside of the delivery zone for our virtual happy hour guests. Please select (60622) to get past this step. Once you enter in all your delivery information, please add your exact zip code.

3) This link will be valid from now until October 13th at 9pm CST – please make your selection and enter in your information prior to this deadline. We will not be able to accept any additional orders after this deadline

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