July 30, 2020 Membership Event - Virtual Cooking Class

Time: 6:00 - 7:30PM

Cost: $15 for Members
$20 for Non-Members

You’ll receive an email with the ingredients, recipe, and cooking utensils needed the week before the event. The email will also include a GoToMeeting link.

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Baggs Culinary Innovations

Meeting Information
From Charlie Baggs' Kitchen to Yours - Okonomiyaki & Mochi

If you love Japanese food and enjoy trying different recipes for dinner, join the Chicago Section IFT for a live cooking demonstration experience by Chef Charlie Baggs!

Connect with Chef Charlie on the GoToMeeting virtual platform straight from your kitchen to his and learn about how to make Okonomiyaki (oh-koh-no-mee-yah-key) and homemade Mochi for your various ice cream flavors!


A popular street food from Osaka, Japan. It is a savory version of Japanese pancake, made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and your choice of protein, and topped with a variety of condiments.

Mochi Ice Cream

A confection made from Japanese mochi, a pounded sticky rice dough, with an ice cream filling.

Meet Chef Charlie Baggs
Charlie Baggs Photo

Chef Charlie Baggs has been passionate about developing products for over 20 years in both foodservice and CPG segments.

He has worked with over 125 companies in an executive chef capacity. His passion is to help his clients meet their culinary goals and to be the best in the industry.

Charlie studied at Purdue University and the Culinary Institute of America. He holds a BS in management and an AOS degree in nutrition from Purdue and a AOS in Culinary from the CIA.

He takes great pride in teaching food scientist, sales, and marketing teams culinary arts. His focus hones-in on various cooking techniques from around the world. He will drive your team’s passion around food.

The CBCI team has a consumer-focused development approach. This perspective is also relevant in his cooking instruction method. He will use an EDGE (Educate, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) model in teaching.

Chef Charlie is a recognized Instructor for IFT, Purdue University, IIT, RCA and various corporations. Charlie has self-published a text called “Culinary Training Program” which he has been used for 20 years. He remains passionate about food, cooking, traveling while studying global soul food. He is raising his family of six in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago where his headquarters is also located.


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