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Ruprecht Company
Job: Sales Operation Intern posted in Sales
Location: Mundelein, IL
Available until: March 16th, 2019
Company Tagline: privately-held meat processor and food manufacturer
Company Website:
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Job Description: PURPOSE & SCOPE Build your career, challenge the process, collaborate & engage. This is an opportunity to be a part of an exciting, collaborative, team environment; where, we want you to constructively challenge the process. We are looking for diverse individuals who push the limits and think outside the box! The opportunity is available to assess the work environment as an Intern and gather food industry skills.

Successful Sales Operations Interns Have the Ability to: Take initiative and maintain the company's reputation and dedication to safety, service, courtesy, cleanliness, and integrity. Work collaboratively in a team setting and work independently without constant direct supervision. Utilize strong written and verbal communication skills, including speaking in front of groups. Utilize problem-solving skills, including working in a fast-paced, service-focused culture. Demonstrate strong time management, planning, and organizational skills in order to optimize productivity.


Sales – Reporting & Data Management Create and update reporting and performance dashboards Responsible for daily data entry and tracking of goals and achievements Responsible for managing and tracking all price quotes and requests Support in price request and sample request submissions Sales – Continuous Improvements Collaborate with Sales Project Manager & Pricing Analyst to help find ways to improve overall pricing process Support in creating standard operating procedures Coordinate with internal teams to improve sales end-to-end workflow Sales- Project Coordinator Collaborate with Sales Project Manager on company initiatives and execution of project plans within acceptable limits of time and quality Support on general inquiries, case resolutions and follow-ups to sales team Support sales training initiatives
Ruprecht Company
Job: R&D Internship posted in Product Development/Scientist/Research
Location: Mundelein, IL
Available until: March 8th, 2019
Company Tagline: privately-held meat processor and food manufacturer
Company Website:
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Job Description: Sample Planning o   Request Raw Protein from Raw Department o   Request Cooked Items from Pack Off Room ·       Sample Shipping o   Create & Print Sample Labels o   Affix Labels and Bag Samples o   Photograph Samples o   Record Sample Weights o   Build Sample Box o   Include Reheating Instructions o   Create FedEx Shipment o   If Using Dry Ice Label Accordingly o   Send Tracking Numbers to Salesperson o   Email Sample Weights to Admin. ·       Inventory & Organization o   Cooler o   Freezer o   Kitchen Coolers o   Kitchen Freezer ·       Reheating Instructions o   Create Reheating Instructions For New Products o   Reformatting/Clean Up Reheating Instruction Database ·       Kitchen Tasks o   Production Sample Evaluation o   Food Prep o   Portioning o   Executing Established Formulas o   Creating New Formulas/Developing Products ·       Plant Tasks o   Attend Plant Scale Ups for New Products o   Assist in Transitioning New Products to Production ·       Computer Tasks o   Basic Email Responses in a Timely Manner o   Recording Production Sample Evaluation Feedback o   Posting Photos To PDP (Product Development Process) o   Posting Reheating Instructions to PDP o   Completion of PDP o   Generating Genesis Nutrition ·       Presentations o   Room Set Up o   Food Preparation & Plating o   Serving Food
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